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Transform Your Life and Business with the Inspired Leaders Program

Discover. Transform. Thrive.

Date and Location: November 10-13, 2024
Nazare, Portugal
(Online - dates and In-Person intensive - dates)

Welcome to the Inspired Leaders Program, a unique and immersive experience specifically designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders from various industries.


Join us in Nazare, Portugal, this November 2024 (November 10-13 tentatively) for a life-changing program that combines deep inner work, community building, and regenerative habits to support your vision and purpose.

In our small group setting (maximum 16 people), we ensure personalized attention, allowing you to recharge, reconnect, and create a clear path for personal and professional growth in 2025.


Our Purpose

​Our mission is to help you recharge, reconnect, and create a clear path for your personal and professional growth in 2025. We understand the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs and business owners, from the constant demands of leadership on mental health and wellbeing to the need for innovation and problem-solving.


Our purpose is to provide a supportive and immersive environment where you can step away from daily pressures and focus on your inner transformation.

Program Overview

The Inspired Leaders Program is your chance to reset, simplify, and bring clarity to your life and business. This program blends powerful Internal Family Systems (IFS) coaching, transformative ceremonies, breathwork, movement practices, and community connections to foster deep inner work and holistic growth.


Key Features

We provide you with lifelong tools for well-being, inner peace, and growth, offering a sustainable, transformative journey.


IFS Coaching

Unlock the power within by harmonizing your inner parts, leading to self-awareness, emotional freedom, and unparalleled personal and professional growth. Backed by scientific research, this transformative approach helps you understand and integrate your internal system, fostering lasting change and resilience. (as seen on podcasts)


Inspiring Community Connection

Build lasting relationships and a supportive network of like-minded business leaders and entrepreneurs. Through group sessions and community activities, you'll gain insights, share experiences, and foster collaborative growth.



Harness the power of breath to achieve clarity, calm, and focus. Our daily breathwork practices help you manage stress, enhance mental clarity, and maintain a balanced state of mind, allowing you to perform at your best both personally and professionally.


Transformative Rituals

Participate in powerful, plant-based rituals led by experienced facilitators, fostering deep reflection, connection, and personal growth. These experiences provide a unique opportunity to reset and align your intentions with your life goals.


Regenerative Habits

Learn and adopt regenerative habits that rejuvenate your energy and sustain your well-being. These practices are designed to integrate seamlessly into your daily routine, promoting long-term health, vitality, and peak performance.


Movement Practice

Incorporate movement into your daily routine to boost physical and mental well-being. Our carefully designed practices enhance flexibility, strength, and mindfulness, supporting overall health and productivity.

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Addressing Your Challenges:

As an entrepreneur, business owner, or team leader, you face unique challenges that require innovative and sustainable solutions.


Here’s how we support you in addressing them:

Feeling Stuck: Struggling to move forward and make progress in a fast-paced environment.

Burnout: Creeping in or already overwhelming you due to the constant demands of your role

Inner Critic and Judgment: Battling self-doubt and harsh self-criticism in a competitive field.

Lack of Focus and Procrastination: Difficulty staying on track and getting things done amidst daily life and work demands.

Anxiety and Overwhelm: Feeling mentally chaotic and overwhelmed by the constant need for innovation and problem-solving.

Disconnection from Purpose: Seeking to understand and connect with your life's and work purpose.
Unclear Goals: Needing clarity on personal and professional goals to drive business growth and personal satisfaction.

Unhelpful Habits: Wanting to release habits and inner dynamics that no longer serve you in achieving your vision.

Team Conflicts and Communication Challenges: Navigating team dynamics, improving communication, and resolving conflicts to build a cohesive culture.

Retention Problems: Addressing high employee turnover and creating a supportive environment to retain top talent.

Solutions are Awaiting You

Our retreat offers transformative solutions tailored to your needs:

Reconnect with Purpose: Discover or reconnect with your true purpose, both personally and professionally.

Clear Vision: Define clear, aligned steps for your personal and professional goals to drive your business forward.

Transform Habits: Let go of unhelpful habits and dynamics, and adopt regenerative practices to support your life.

Pause and Reflect: Take a structured pause to slow down, observe, and reconnect with yourself and a supportive community, fostering clarity and creativity.

Community Learning: Learn from and support each other in a community of like-minded individuals, sharing knowledge and experiences. Brainstorm innovative ideas with peers to tackle industry challenges and seize new opportunities.

Aligned Action: Prepare to take clear, aligned action in your daily life to build the life and business of your dreams.


Dream Outcomes

At the Inspired Leaders Retreat, our aim is to help you not just cope with the challenges in your life and business, but truly heal and thrive.


We provide you with lifelong tools for well-being, inner peace, and growth, offering a sustainable, transformative journey.


Healing and Thriving: Transform your approach to personal and professional challenges, shifting from merely managing stress to truly healing and thriving.

Lifelong Tools for Well-Being: Gain practical and sustainable tools that promote ongoing well-being, resilience, and personal growth.

Inner Peace and Clarity: Achieve a deeper sense of inner peace and clarity, empowering you to navigate life's complexities with confidence and grace.

Program Highlights

Personal Intention Setting: Start with a 1:1 coaching session to map your inner parts, set intentions, and guide your journey.

Group Sessions: Engage in community-building activities and group IFS coaching to learn new skills and prepare for the ceremonial experience.

Breathwork: Learn and practice easy daily breathwork exercises to stay connected to your true purpose and enhance mental clarity.

Individual Coaching: Receive personalized coaching sessions as needed during the presencial portion of the program, ensuring tailored support for your unique needs.

Ceremonies and Rituals: Participate in ancient plant-based rituals and practices that promote good habits and a fulfilling life.

Integration and Transformation: Follow a clear, structured path for integrating your experiences and achieving true transformation, both during and after the retreat.

Connect with Nature 

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Network with Peers: Connect with other business leaders in a small group setting who share your challenges and aspirations. Build alliances, share knowledge, and innovate together to kick off or sustain your growth in 2025.

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Hear From Our Past Participants


Clarity and fears left focused on taking aligned decisions

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Dates and Location

​Join us for the Inspired Leaders Retreat from November 10-13, 2024 (online weeks before and after), in the picturesque town of Nazare, Portugal. This serene location, known for its stunning coastal views and tranquil atmosphere, offers the perfect setting for deep inner work and rejuvenation.

Why Nazare, Portugal?

Reconnect in a Serene Setting: Nazare, offers a peaceful environment where you can recharge and focus on your inner transformation without distractions.

Beautiful Natural Location: Nestled in nature, our retreat features a serene dome set up specifically for inner work. This beautiful and tranquil environment provides the perfect setting for calm, informal gatherings and deep personal exploration.


Join the Inspired Leaders Retreat for a comprehensive, all-inclusive price of [Price]. This investment covers:


Accommodation in a shared or single room
All meals 

Starting 1:1 sessions 
Personalized 1:1 coaching sessions during the onsite
Group sessions and workshops
Transformative ceremonies and rituals
Daily breathwork and movement practices
Ongoing support and community building

Experience profound personal and professional growth, supported by our dedicated and caring team. Reserve your spot today and take the first step towards a more fulfilling and successful future. (Max 16 spots)

What Makes Us Different?

The Inspired Leaders Program is unlike any other on the market. We offer a unique blend of modern coaching techniques, ancient practices, and a deep sense of community, creating a truly transformative experience.


Our focus on confidentiality, deep commitment, and many years of experience ensures a safe and personalized journey for each participant.

Modern and Ancient Fusion: Our program seamlessly integrates cutting-edge Internal Family Systems (IFS) coaching with time-honored rituals and ceremonies, ensuring a holistic approach to transformation.

Expert-Led Ceremonies: Our transformative ceremonies are guided by experts with over 15 years of experience in community and ritual work, providing a depth of wisdom and authenticity.

Science-Backed Methods: IFS coaching is backed by scientific research, helping you understand and integrate your internal system for lasting change and resilience.

Community and Connection: We foster a supportive network where you can build lasting relationships, share challenges, and innovate with peers who understand your journey. Our focus is COMMUNITY FIRST.

Tailored for Business Leaders: We address the unique challenges of various industries, from team dynamics and retention to innovation and growth, ensuring the program is highly relevant to your needs.

Bridging Spirituality and Practical Execution: Our team has a background in psychology, transformational coaching, movement, breathwork, startup leadership, operations, marketing and sales, as well as ancient rituals and music. This is our superpower.

Confidentiality and Deep Commitment: We prioritize your privacy and are deeply committed to your growth, ensuring a confidential and safe environment for your transformation.

Small Group, Personalized Attention: With a small group setting, we provide personalized attention and practical work, ensuring each participant's unique needs are met.

Slowing down and resetting with a supportive container allows for deep dives into personal growth and professional brainstorming. By connecting with others who are in the same boat, you’ll ignite creativity, see different solutions, and gain a broad perspective.


This powerful experience will help you reconnect with your purpose and find innovative ways to tackle industry challenges, fostering a rejuvenated, inspired approach to your business and life.

Meet Our Facilitators 

Our team, with over 15 years of experience, is professionally trained, trauma-informed, and committed to your safety. We blend modern coaching with ancient practices, ensuring a holistic and transformative experience. Your transformation is in trusted, experienced hands.



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Join US

Join Us:

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your life and business.


Reserve your spot today - (Max 16 spots)




In-person intensive: Sunday Nov 10 to Wednesday Nov 13, 2024 

Location: Nazare, Portugal

For more information, contact us at


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Based in the USA and EU, we offer our services both online and in-person, as per project requirements. Our team is fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and Portuguese, ensuring effective communication across borders and cultures. 


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