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Who We Are

The Bridge of Experience, Passion, and Vision

We are rooted in a  vision of a brighter future that unfolds from today's journey of growth and Self-leadership. We are committed to leading by example, embodying dedication, excellence, and the power of transformation in our lives and work.  

At FINO, we don’t just dream of a better tomorrow; we actively forge it, together with you, in the here and now.

hot stone being forget in fire representing the inner leadership that guides us in life from inside out

Why Now

NOW is the question and WE collectively are the answer

In a world of complex meta-challenges, we imagine a future driven by innovative ideas, regenerative leaders, and resilient teams. Traditional ways of thinking and doing aren't enough anymore.


That's why we founded FINO, inspired by the radical hope that now is the time to build a better future with a new vision. As an incubator of Self-leadership, our mission is to foster a world that is more aware and connected, where making a meaningful impact is part of everyday life.

sunrise of hope and better future of work

We Believe

At FINO, we believe real systemic change starts from within. It's about more than just adapting to reality; it's about co-creating a new one.

 We're here for those who are ready to make a difference, combining their minds and hearts to create a future that’s sustainable and conscious for everyone.

Our Values

Our values are our heartbeat, guiding every action.

Respect for All Life

Embracing the intrinsic value and interconnectedness of all beings.


Unwavering adherence to our principles, in every project and collaboration.

Trust: Cultivating deep, enduring connections with our team, collaborators, and partners.


Acknowledging the profound impact of our actions on the entire system of life and taking full responsibility.

Regenerative Communication: Engaging in communication that is respectful, uniting, and nourishing.

sunrise of hope

Be Part of the Self-leadership Revolution

 Whether you're an individual, a team leader, or a visionary organization, let's co-create a future where Self-leadership is at the forefront of change.


Let’s connect

Based in the USA and Europe, we offer our services both online and in-person, as per project requirements. Our team is fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and Portuguese, ensuring effective communication across borders and cultures. 


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