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IFS Coaching:
Unleashing Collective and Individual Potential

Introduction to IFS Coaching

At FINO, we specialize in Internal Family Systems (IFS) Coaching, a transformative approach that unlocks the potential of Self-leadership within individuals and teams. We go beyond traditional coaching methods, offering a journey to the depths of self-awareness.

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Why Choose IFS Coaching?

IFS coaching is a transformative adventure into the Self. It helps understand and harmonize the various parts of one’s inner system, fostering a balanced and effective inner team. This approach is key for those seeking deep, systemic transformation in personal and professional realms.


Team coaching with FINO unites individuals in a transformative journey, amplifying collective wisdom and fostering a strong sense of connection and empowerment.

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About IFS for Self-Leadership

Developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz, over 40 years ago IFS is an evidence-based model of systemic transformation that promotes a holistic understanding of inner and outer systems and enables access to Self-leadership.


Self-leaders harness the '8 Cs': calmness, curiosity, clarity, compassion, confidence, creativity, courage, and connectedness. By accessing these qualities, they position themselves for unparalleled success. These leaders use their power for betterment, transforming challenges into opportunities and driving impactful progress in their personal and professional realms.

Benefits of IFS Coaching

Enhanced Group Dynamics and Communication


IFS coaching fosters deep inner understanding, leading to improved collaboration, communication, and conflict resolution. Teams work more cohesively and efficiently, directly impacting productivity and organizational success.

Increased Organizational



By addressing and harmonizing internal dynamics, IFS coaching builds resilience at both individual and team levels. Resilient organizations are better equipped to handle challenges, adapt to change, and maintain high performance under stress.

Sustainable Performance

and Growth


 The Self-leadership qualities accessed through IFS coaching lead to sustainable personal and professional growth. This translates into long-term success for the organization, as teams are better aligned with their goals and values, leading to consistent performance


Elevated Leadership


 Leaders who engage in IFS coaching gain heightened Self-awareness and emotional intelligence, essential for effective leadership. This leads to better decision-making, increased employee engagement, and a positive organizational culture.

Boosted Innovation and



IFS coaching encourages individuals and teams to tap into diverse perspectives and parts of themselves, unlocking creativity and innovation. This results in more inventive solutions, keeping the organization competitive and forward-thinking.

Empowered Decision-Making and Problem-Solving


This work opens access to deeper levels of intuition and insight individually and as a team. By fostering an environment of clarity and understanding, IFS coaching enables leaders and teams to navigate complex situations with confidence and creativity, leading to more effective and impactful outcomes

Our Offerings

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How it Works

All our offerings and programs are customized to your unique challenges. Our process starts with a discovery call to understand your needs, leading to a tailored roadmap

For teams seeking an offsite immersive experience, we offer transformational offsites that extend beyond conventional boundaries.

Self Leadership for a Better Future

FINO champions a Self-led approach to leadership. Our IFS coaching prepares you to be not just leaders, but agents of change, shaping a future where sustainable, conscious leadership is the norm.

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Based in the USA and Europe, we offer our services both online and in-person, as per project requirements. Our team is fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and Portuguese, ensuring effective communication across borders and cultures. 


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