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Self-leadership Advising
Systemic Transformation for Organizations

New Paradigm

Embrace a new paradigm of organizational excellence with Self-leadership where execution and consciousness are aligned. Our approach helps integrate Self-leadership principles and qualities into the very fabric of your organization. By integrating them at every level, we help organizations cultivate a culture of empowerment, authenticity, and sustainable growth.

Why Self-leadership Advising?

In an exponentially changing business landscape, traditional models of leadership and team development are being reevaluated. Self-leadership offers a comprehensive framework for fostering a culture that values mental health, empathetic communication, and collaborative problem-solving, all while driving performance and innovation.

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The FINO Approach

Our advising approach can help you integrate Self-leadership into every aspect of your organization:

Mission, Vision, Values Integration: Aligning your core organizational principles with qualities of Self-leadership.

User Experience & Customer Communication: Implementing respectful, inspiring, non-pathologizing, empowering language and interactions that reflect Self-leadership principles.

Content and Communications: Developing communications and outreach strategies that resonate with like-minded partners and customers.

Leadership and Culture Building: Inspiring leaders to embody and champion Self-leadership within teams and the entire organization to build a conscious culture.

Benefits and growth

Partnering with FINO for Self-leadership Advising brings transformative benefits:

Cultivating an Emotionally Intelligent and Supportive Culture: Fostering an environment where connection and emotional intelligence are paramount.

Enhancing Decision-making and Problem-solving: By encouraging a culture of introspection, deep thinking, and collaboration.

Building Resilient and Adaptable Teams: Preparing your organization to thrive amidst change and challenges.

Driving Sustainable Growth and Innovation: Harnessing unlimited creativity and aligning performance with values and sustainable growth.

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What's the Difference between IFS Coaching and Self-leadership Advising?

At FINO, our coaching and advising services are distinct yet complementary, unified in fostering Self-leadership. Coaching offers intensive, shorter-term deep dives for personal and professional growth, focusing on rapid transformation.


Advising is a longer-term partnership to shape organizational culture and strategy. Together, they form a holistic path to sustainable transformation, embodying our vision as a Self-leadership incubator.

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Based in the USA & and Europe, we offer our services both online and in-person, as per project requirements. Our team is fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and Portuguese, ensuring effective communication across borders. 


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