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Sweatlodge stone representing inner fire of transformation and courage to lead our lives and businesses

Your Incubator for

At FINO, we transform leadership from the inside out, preparing you for a future where consciousness drives success.

Our Approach

A unique blend of IFS Coaching, Non-ordinary Offsites, and Self-leadership Advising

Welcome to FINO, a pioneering incubator for Self-leadership. Here, we merge transformative methodologies with impactful experiences to unleash the fullest potential of individuals and teams. Our approach fosters profound growth, sparks innovation, and builds resilience, empowering you to excel in an ever-changing world.

two men hugging on the same team connection and communication in the team setting in the new era of work where humanity comes first

Our Ethos

Transforming Today for a Better Tomorrow

At FINO, the power of Self-leadership it's the HOW to the vital question of a better future. Our journey with you is about accessing and harnessing this power and moving toward a future where leadership is an act of conscious stewardship.


We are your allies, committed to a world where every step forward is taken with awareness and intention.


The future is now, and together, we co-create it.


sunrise representing the new future and hope for a better world being created by conscious leaders

Why Choose FINO 

We aim to be your incubator for transformation

We envision a future where leadership is deeply rooted in Self-awareness and consciousness, where leading oneself is as crucial as leading others. Our approach combines powerful transformative modalities with deep understanding of human systems, aiming to cultivate a new kind of leadership for a better future.

About our Founders

"Our mission is to collaborate with visionary individuals, teams, and organizations ready to embrace deep exploration and drive impactful change. Together we are committed to leading FINO with a vision of courage, transformation, and regenerative leadership from the inside out.


For us, this is more than a project - it's a calling and a way of life."

a group of connected people sitting and sharing experiences and wisdom around the fire

Transform Your Leadership Journey Today

Whether you're an individual seeking personal and professional growth, a team leader aiming to elevate your group, or an organization looking to reshape its future, we're here to be your ally. Connect with FINO now and embark on a path to conscious leadership and sustainable success. Your journey starts here.


Let’s connect

Based in the USA and Europe, we offer our services both online and in-person, as per project requirements. Our team is fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and Portuguese, ensuring effective communication across borders and cultures. 


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